Inspire Creativity

Social listening, team collaboration and industry-leading design capabilities are at your fingertips.

available on premise

Inspire Creativity is social listening and collaboration at your fingertips. Innovation labs can boost the ideation pipeline by collaborating with other disciplines in their company to combine ideas and expertise through communities. Designers can leverage dashboard intelligence to stimulate their inspiration by aggregating all relevant sources and organizing information in clear, easy-to-find categories. Design teams can create mood boards that they can share, helping to ensure everyone is in sync with the directives and guidelines given during a design brief.

Designers can flag the inspiration of sources (blogs, websites, …) they are most interested in on their dashboard’s “inspiration tab” and choose only the sections or articles they want to see using keywords – only the sources that include these keywords will be displayed. Preferred ideas, articles or images can be grouped in an “ideas to keep” tab, making information even faster and easier to find. Managers can also use Inspire Creativity to keep abreast of automotive trends or hot topics.

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