1. Efficient Multi-Energy Platform

Efficient Multi-Energy Platform

Develop and industrialize versatile, compliant chassis and powertrains

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As pollution and climate change are a growing concern among the public, we are witnessing a fundamental change in the automotive domain. Vehicles are not welcome in cities anymore and politicians as well as the industry are looking for sustainable mobility solutions. Vehicle electrification is now competitive and viable, and is definitely part of OEMs' strategy concerning the future of mobility. Meanwhile OEMs are proposing intermediate solutions such as plugin hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), the internal combustion engine must be drastically optimized to comply with the Euro6 new regulation. Versatile mega-platforms enable long term challenges to be met while keeping all powertrain options open. On one hand, manufacturing lines around the world are consolidated on one or two platforms, and on the other hand all powertrain solutions are developed during this uncertain transition period to full electric, if it happens one day.

Benefits of Efficient Multi-Energy Platform

  • Switch to a full interaction between all disciplines for E-Drive engineering

    Streamline collaboration & traceability between disciplines and suppliers.

  • Optimize chassis engineering and manufacturing to E-Drive

    Easy decision making with a multiphysics approach at conceptual level before going to detailed design.

  • Push the limit of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), engineering for performance, fuel consumption and weight

    Optimize powertrain architecture while mastering complex physical phenomena.

Efficient Multi-Energy Platform

Develop and industrialize versatile, compliant chassis and powertrains

Success story

Kreisel Electric

To transform the legendary 1971 EVEX Porsche 910 combustion-powered car into an electrified supercar, Kreisel Electric needed to design and build a battery pack, cooling system, gearbox and powertrain that would fit in the car’s available space. To achieve this, the company needed a solution that was robust yet flexible enough to enable the different disciplines involved to collaborate while keeping costs and schedules in check. 

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