Powertrain Lubrication Performance

Digital continuity with very low or no CAD preparation and simple management of moving parts

XFlow and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can mitigate challenges and pain points the customer is facing when simulating powertrain lubrication performance. The use of the 3DEXPERIENCE can assure digital continuity making it easy for engineers not only to retrieve project status definition at a desired milestone, but also to maintain associativity between models and simulations. Once the engineer has this information available, the set-up of the simulation is very simple. The motion definition and set-up are either automatic or very easy to specify. The user can specify motion through equations or tabular data that define displacements of the parts involved in the simulation. A strong differentiator with other Navier Stokes based solution is the fact that XFlow does not need a volumetric mesh in the classical sense, being that the discretization process is completely automatic with no or very low CAD geometry preparation needed. After the set-up is complete, XFlow can be executed in workstations or HPC clusters, handling complex geometries and moving parts seamlessly providing high fidelity results to the project efficiently.