Electro Mobility Accelerator

Enables mobility innovators to accelerate innovations to market at competitive cost and optimal quality, on Cloud or on Premise

available on cloud available on premise

New Electric Vehicle innovators and global OEMs have many challenges in common. Competition has never been greater to converge new EV concepts, support early feasibility, engineer highest performance, and accelerate innovative vehicles to market, all while optimizing costs, quality and customer experience.

The Electro Mobility Accelerator solutions provide the industry-proven capabilities to germinate new EV vehicle ideas, explore regional options, virtually simulate & validate performance, all on one secure, powerful platform.

Global industry leaders have relied on our 3DEXPERIENCE cloud-based (and on-premise) applications to capture and assess social media intelligence, analyze market demand, then develop and deliver customer-preferred innovations to market, faster and more efficiently than their global competitors.

Benefits of Electro Mobility Accelerator

  • Accelerate optimal innovation

    Provide an all-in-one collaborative cloud (or on premise) environment to imagine, create, design, simulate and deliver new mobility concepts and services.

  • Enable better productivity & save costs

    Track ideas from initial concept to customer delivery, with integrated governance to improve productivity and reduce development costs.

  • Create & validate better innovations

    Imagine more new innovative vehicle concepts and validate feasibility faster.

  • Boost efficiencies & reduce time-to-market cycle

    Deliver robust innovation with proven end-to-end engineering solutions to shorten time-to-market.

Electro Mobility Accelerator

Enables EV innovators to accelerate innovations to market at competitive cost and optimal quality, on Cloud or on premise

Success story

Kreisel Electric

To transform the legendary 1971 EVEX Porsche 910 combustion-powered car into an electrified supercar, Kreisel Electric needed to design and build a battery pack, cooling system, gearbox and powertrain that would fit in the car’s available space. To achieve this, the company needed a solution that was robust yet flexible enough to enable the different disciplines involved to collaborate while keeping costs and schedules in check. 

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