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  2. Performance Validation Strategy Definition, Execution & Analytics

Performance Validation Strategy Definition, Execution & Analytics

Enable test planning, orchestration and execution while balancing accuracy, time and budget

Progressively more sophisticated customer and industry demands have pushed vehicle performance and quality expectations higher and higher. Evolving global competition simultaneously requires the optimization of costs, acceleration of cycle time and successful management of product quality, warranty claims and recall risks. Ensuring vehicle quality, reliability and optimal performance requires the agile execution of test strategy, including the necessary and sufficient tests to validate the complete vehicle, critical systems, detailed functions and manufacturing processes.

The Performance Validation Strategy Definition, Execution & Analytics process can enhance quality, save cycle time and reduce development costs by improving both your physical & virtual testing and validation. Reduce warranty claims and recall risks by leveraging holistic, integrated testing and validation capabilities, to ensure that all industry and customer requirements are successfully fulfilled. This process enables teams to better rationalize the quantity of tests required, while balancing quality standards, risks of recall and execution of virtual versus physical testing. Cost savings are supported via integrated budget estimation, allocation and monitoring resources.