Rail Crew Operations

Ensure all actual train activities are staffed throughout the day of operations, Quickly mitigate the many disruptions impacting the crew schedule

available on premise

Rail Crew Operations monitors the execution of rail crew assignments for the on-going operations and ensures timely response to the many disruptions such as unplanned absences, train service modifications/delays and fleet operations changes. A dedicated cockpit monitors in real-time the availability of rail crew and raise alerts when corrective rescheduling actions have to be taken. The application facilitates the identification of possible alternative adjustments and the best compromise to:

  • Preserve service quality
  • Minimize the actual crew cost (overtime, new staff...)
  • Minimize the number of affected staff

The quality and efficiency of the final schedule are measured in real-time through dedicated KPIs. The application facilitates collaboration between the different planners to solve difficult issues, and informs in timely manner all stakeholders impacted by schedule changes.

Included in Smart Mobility Operations