Rail Crew Planning

Minimize the number of crew members needed to ensure effective train services. Create anonymous rosters covering the service timetable for forthcoming period.

available on premise

Create optimized anonymous tactical crew plans for each future "periods" or "seasons" up to 18 months ahead. This is achieved on 2 steps:

  • Creation of "shifts" covering all train services and associated duties
  • Creation of “master rosters” (“cyclic sequence of shifts”) applicable to the period for a given team of employees compliant with labor rules.

While being highly collaborative, the solution uses KPIs based optimization in order to:

  • Minimize Overall labor cost to cover the planned services by minimizing the number of roster lines and structural inefficiencies such as waiting time, deadheading and nights out of home
  • Maximize common employees preferences such as maximizing the number of long multi-day or week-end of rest, and minimizing night out of home or "split shifts" (with long unpaid breaks during the day)
Included in Smart Mobility Operations