1. On-Target Vehicle Launch
  2. Final Assembly Process Engineering & Virtual Build

Final Assembly Process Engineering & Virtual Build

Support conceptual validation, operation planning, line balancing, material zone planning, cost tracking and work instructions

The Final Assembly Process Engineering & Virtual Build process objectives are to :

  • Define the 3D assembly graph to visualize and validate the assembly steps by directly accessing the design data.
  • Create a process plan to distribute operations with associated time across stations and assembly sequences. 
  • Balance assembly lines for resource optimization & worker utilization and order part bins in material zone.
  • Verify the assembly sequence in the resource context.
  • Check assembly times, costs, required area and investment and meet predefined targets.
  • Simulate and validate manual assembly tasks at work cell or line level.
  • Simulate and optimize assembly stations and lines with automatic devices and robots.
  • Create 3D work instructions and use them for shop floor, training and documentation. 
  • Plan effectively through engineering change management and impact analysis.
  • Capture, standardize ans re-use proven production practices and business know-how.