Vehicle NVH and Acoustic Performance

Prediction, visualization and analysis of noise sources

The Vehicle NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) & Acoustics Performance process deals with noise & vibration experienced by the driver & passengers in a vehicle due to various contributions such as wind, loads, engine, road conditions, etc. When the noise inside the vehicle is high it causes fatigue to the passengers, conversations are difficult to carry out & music is not enjoyable. Therefore, customers want their vehicles to be quieter. They make this clear through customer surveys such as the JD Power survey. 

OEMs pay attention to this and work on making their vehicles quieter year after year to meet customer demands and keep up with competition. The Vehicle NVH & Acoustics Performance process replaces physical tests (assessing and improving noise performance of vehicles throughout the vehicle development process) with simulation of the digital model using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) from SIMULIAPowerFLOW and vibroacoustic tools such as PowerACOUSTICS and wave6. Many OEMs have implemented these processes in their vehicle development process and use them systematically to improve their vehicle designs.