Virtual Garage for Advertising

Imagery and storytelling for lasting brand and product experiences.

In an environment of sensory overload, only truly outstanding images can capture the imagination of consumers. Virtual Garage for Advertising lets you create stunning computer-generated product and brand still images and videos that resonate with your target audiences. Leverage pre-existing CAD data to create lifelike virtual products and product variants that can be used to help accelerate your marketing activities and increase pre-orders.

Easily create visually stunning and personalized 3D virtual product content that enhances your customers’ buying journey. Products can be customized for regional target audience preferences or individual customer requirements. Internal stakeholders can produce high-quality visual assets from almost any device: quickly, cost-efficiently and on-demand.

For high-volume content creation to be effective the efficient exchange and organization of visual data is required. Virtual Garage includes a powerful digital asset management system which lets you manage and exchange a wide range of visual data and associated metadata. Share, collaborate and publish assets while ensuring accurate version control.

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