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For the last two centuries, the production methods of the industrial sector and our lifestyles have led to an increasing demand for energy and a set of unique challenges. There is significant pressure to optimize our use of global resources and this can only be achieved through greater scientific and engineering innovation. We will have to create new, more efficient, clean-tech and sustainable materials, products, processes and facilities.

This is the driver of the strategy called “Sustainable life for the 21st century”, meeting the challenges of this complex operational environment and providing with digital and experience-based solutions that introduce efficiency savings, productivity gains and waste minimization across the entire supply chain.

Discover in the compelling stories below what is already possible today!

Chapter 01

Sustainable Innovation

The road to clean energy through innovation
Chapter 02

Sustainable Projects

Digitally enabling clean energy growth
Chapter 03

Sustainable Operations

Enabling Plant Lifecycle efficiency from engineering to decommissioning
Chapter 04

Sustainable Life

Through Research & Development


See What's Possible