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License to Fly

Achieve type or supplemental certification on time while driving costs out.

Innovation in Aerospace and Defense comes with a cost, as the increased complexity of aircraft (increased use of composites, more advanced electrical systems, broader use of global suppliers, greater personalization, etc.) makes it more challenging for aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and governmental agencies to certify aircraft and ensure passenger safety.

Today's certification process is a highly fragmented process that lacks a single version of the truth between engineering and certification organizations, as well as with aviation authorities and operators. This results in a highly inefficient and costly process with little reuse from one program to another. The result is not only the risk of delayed programs but limits the potential for innovation in the industry.

The License to Fly industry solution automates and simplifies the certification process to drive out costs while ensuring aircraft safety for on-time delivery. 

License to Fly 的优势

  • Achieve type or supplemental type Certificate on time

    Accelerate certification projects to achieve type / supplemental type certification on time using real-time collaboration between engineering and certification teams.

  • Reduce overall cost to certify by 25 percent

    Maintain and reuse certification knowledge for means of compliance, recommended practices, templates, etc. thus reducing time and costs on certification projects.

  • Build confidence with aviation authorities

    Build trust with authorities by better preparing the application-basis and certificate board meeting and produce fully traceable certification dossiers on-demand.

License to Fly

License to Fly helps Aerospace & Defense programs certify on time, cut costs by 25 percent and improve trust between aviation authorities and their suppliers.